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Lets Hear About This One-Woman Show …


Brionna has over 4 years of experience in web design. She devoted over 3 years of her time as a full -time web developer and now has become a full-time freelancer. She has experience in marketing, where she learned about web design, graphic design, digital marketing and much more. She is now freelancing full-time because she wanted to be more challenged and create a service to people with her own creativity. Prior to changing career paths, Brionna started designing websites part-time in high school, and first learned to program and design before she could drive a car.

The biggest difference between Brionna work and that of her competition is this: She FINISH what she starts. She cannot count the number of introductions she had where her client’s first sentence included something to the effect of, “my last web developer just dropped the ball and disappeared.” That’s not how she operates. Brionna work always reflects the highest degree of integrity and professionalism

Coding Skills

Brionna specializes in full stack JavaScript programming. She codes with a combination of several languages and frameworks that all work together to make a website great. HTML serves as a foundation, CSS makes things look pretty and consistent throughout your website, Node, NoSQL, and MongoDB allows you to manipulate servers, databases, and add logic to your code, and JavaScript basically keeps your website interactive with most web browsers and other fun things. She also builds custom wordpress websites and templates which involves PHP.


Graphic design, web design, exploring Sacramento, traveling, web design, fitness, filming youtube tutorials, recording, print, typography, live music, volleyball and tennis, and gardening.

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